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As the most important instrument in market research we use quantitative analysis methods. Depending on the question posed those will be applied as the basis or as a complement of the project.

Our co-workers are particularly well trained as moderators or as interviewers and possess the essential know-how on analytical methods.

Ein Haupteinsatzgebiet qualitativer Methoden stellt der Produkttest dar. Der Produkttest ist eine Methode zur Ermittlung der optimalen Produktgestaltung.

Dabei benutzen oder verbrauchen Testpersonen Produkte oder Prototypen von Produkten. Währenddessen oder anschließend werden die Testpersonen bezüglich der Zufriedenheit mit dem Produkt, der Produktwahrnehmung, der zukünftigen Kaufbereitschaft etc. befragt. Als Pretests oder Posttests können Produkttests auf allen Stufen der Produktentwicklung eingesetzt werden. Wir beraten Sie hierzu gerne und erarbeiten das für Sie passende Konzept.

Openly conducted personal interviews or individual exploration will be conducted on the basis of interview guidelines. This ensures that arguments and tendencies which were not accounted for beforehand can enter the talk. As a general rule, we only conduct in-depth interviews with our own experienced co-workers (sociologists, psychologists, doctors, engineers, theologians). They possess methodological training, experience in qualitative methods and interviewing techniques, as well as a professional experience of many years.

The suitable background knowledge as well as the appropriate self-confidence make it possible to conduct professional and competent interviewing among first-line business management and in the B2B sphere. Social scientists and psychologists competent in concrete qualitative methods and interviewing ensure high-quality in-depth interviews.

Cooperation with certified fieldwork agencies              


For the collection of primary data, we collaborate exclusively with agencies that fulfil the quality standards of ESOMAR, BVM and ADM. In most countries we work together with agencies with which we have worked together for many years and of which we know that we can rely on their quality.

All the focus groups sessions are carried out by experienced project managers or by the company manager. In addition to the moderator’s experience and qualifications, a sensibly chosen selection of participants is very important. As a result and in spite of the small sample the entire spectrum of opinions, reactions and emotions will be reproduced. By means of skilful conduction on the part of the moderator the reciprocal stimulation between the participants will be seized. Consequently, within the framework of a group discussion formed by 6 up to a maximum of 10 participants, the moderator will pose questions about their attitudes regarding specific subjects. Focus groups are thus much more than mere opinion surveys or incoherent enumerations of requirements – they provide a genuine insight in the (psychological) contexts in which the company’s products and communication actions are being appreciated by the customers. The moderator acts according to the guidelines but in the same time interrupts as little as possible the discussion.


You, as a client, have the possibility of following the discussion live and gain insight into the mindset of your customers. Additionally to an original video recording of all group discussions you as our client receive a professional analysis of the results. The discussion guideline in which the contents and problem formulation are pre-structured is initially prepared by us and then completed in close coordination with our client.

The analysis of focus groups requires not only much experience of group dynamic processes but also knowledge of the business context. Because for you as our client and especially with regard to qualitative methods as focus group it is very important that you receive a report in which issues which imply relevant transformations in your business are addressed and proposals for marketing, sales, customer service, communication and strategy are developed.

One of the methods of qualitative market research are creative groups. They are particularly valid for gaining new ideas concerning product and brand concepts, their development, optimization and configuration. The aim is to create emotional brand worlds as well as new concepts for products, distribution, service and advertising.

In this sense, not only the functional and emotional benefits of product and brand can be explored but the creativity of the consumer / user is used for the concept configuration.

This special form of communication leads to a free creation of new ideas. We apply a variety of methods for this:

  • Creative methods
  • Roleplay methods
  • Minigroup work
  • Collage methods
  • Metaplanning methods
  • Mind-Mapping
  • Sociograms

After the acceptance of the project a detailed personalised project briefing with the client follows. In this we elaborate a closely agreed guideline whereby the methodological steps are established. During the workshop, the guideline is flexibly adjusted and accommodated to the group dynamics.

Workshops last normally ca. 2- 4 hours. The group size is between 8 and 10 persons. In the case of experts, 6 to 7 participants are enough. All workshops can be monitored live and you will be presented with them via video.

After the realization of the first workshop we discuss the initial results with our client so that we can guarantee the possibility of an adjustment or the strategy and / or central aspects in further workshops.

The creative workshop results will be edited, structured and presented in a report with its pertinent charts.

In the case of creative workshops it is relevant to undertake an integrated analysis of the essential results, in particular of the processes – this is not achieved with the use of enumerations and calculations. Conceptual dimensions, drivers and obstructions will be uncovered, just like in the participants’ process of consent creation.


In addition to customer workshops, we have also successfully carried out creative workshops between internal employees. In this manner, customer workshops can be complemented with correspondent workshops with the employees in charge of projects for the various agencies and departments. Internal quality standards and business guidelines can also be developed and transformed (TQM). 

Unter Eye Tracking versteht man Verfahren, die den Blickverlauf einer Person beim Betrachten eines Bildes oder Gegenstandes registrieren und aufzeichnen. Die Bewegung des Auges über eine Objektfläche wird ebenso aufgezeichnet wie die Fixationsdauer bestimmter Punkte. Es wird also gemessen, in welcher Reihenfolge, wann und wie lange Bereiche des Objekts betrachtet werden.

Mit Hilfe des Eye Tracking können objektive Informationen über weitgehend unbewusste Wahrnehmungs-, Aufmerksamkeits- und Informationsverarbeitungsprozesse gewonnen werden, die in Kombination mit klassischen Beobachtungs- und Befragungsdaten eine ganzheitliche Interpretation und zielgerichtete Handlungsempfehlungen ermöglichen.

Wir wenden Eye-Tracking bei folgenden Testarten an:

  • Werbemitteltests
  • Regal-Tests (POS)
  • Usability-Tests

Kontaktieren Sie uns. Wir beraten Sie gerne und entwickeln das für Sie passende Studiendesign.